Previous Events

I regularly speak at a variety of academic conferences and fan conventions. Here you can see a highlights collection of some of the events I have spoken at, with more information provided, on the CV section of this site.

Worlds That Breathe: Interactive Worldbuilding in Games
CoNZealand Fringe
30th July 2020. Youtube (Virtual)

New Horizons in and Beyond Europe
European Association of Social Anthropologists
21st-24th July 2020. Lisbon, Portugal (Virtual)
Methodologies on and offline: Doing Ethnography Ethically in the Digital Age (Roundtable)

Productive Futures: The Political Economy of Science Fiction
London Science Fiction Research Community
12th-14th September 2019. Birkbeck, London UK
“How Far Will You Go For Love”: Gendered Android Labour in Detroit: Become Human (Paper)

Anthropology in London Day 2019
18th June 2019. UCL, London UK
“Is what your doing really anthropology?” Anthropological research in an increasingly digital world (Paper)

Nine Worlds
10th-12th August 2018
London, UK

“Sexuality in Bioware”,
“Let the Past Die: Sacrificing Sacred Cows in The Last Jedi” (moderator),
“Representation in Dating Sims”,
“History’s Hidden Heroes”,
and “Women in Star Wars” (moderator)

Nine Worlds
10th-12th August 2017
London, UK

“Queer Coding in Disney”, and
“Cons-ROAR-vation: Animal Rights and Conservation in the Jurassic Park Franchise”

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