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The Highs and Woes of Transmasculine Characters in Video Games
Transmasculine representation in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dream Daddy

Pomegranate Magazine [online]

This article for Pomegranate Magazine reflects on transmasculine representation in two video games and my experiences of interacting with these representations as a transmasculine gamer. It focuses on Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dream Daddy, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the transmasculine representation in each of these, and reflecting on what I would like to see from future trans,masculine representation in video games.

June 2018, Pomegranate Magazine. Available at: <https://pome-mag.com/the-highs-and-woes-of-transmasculine-characters-in-video-games/>

Revisiting the Conversations of Emily is Away
Sidequest.zone [online]

An article written for Sidequest.zone which explores the queer potential of Emily is Away, written in response to Bruno Dias’ and Emily Short’s which argued against queer readings of the game. The article highlights the benefits of revisiting these conversations and argues for the importance of recognising the co-existence of multiple interpretations of video games.

December 2018, Sidequest.zone. Available at: <https://sidequest.zone/2018/12/27/revisiting-conversations-emily-is-away/>

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