Conferences and Events


[workshop] World Building and Imaginaries of the Future in SF video games. SFRA ‘Futures from the Margins’ conference

[roundtable] “Constellating Resistance + Flourishing with Visionary SF” with Francis Gene-Rowe, Mia Chen Ma and Cristina Diamant. SFRA ‘Futures from the Margins’ conference

[paper] “Become Human”: Auto/Ethnographic Experiences in SF, Single Player Video Games. Royal Anthropological Institute. ‘Anthropology, AI and the Future of Human Society’ conference

[co-written paper] this insatiable earth of a planet, Earth: Literacy in AI Poetics. Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Japanese-German Center Berlin, Waseda University Tokyo ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Human – Cross-Cultural Perspective on Science and Fiction’ conference

[workshop] Joyous New Worlds: A Queer Sci-Fi writing workshop. Beyond Gender x LGBT Foundation event

[talk] Field Notes from the Future. Goldsmiths University ‘Department of Anthropology seminar series’

[event] Gender and Sexuality in SFF & Fandom with Shuang Chimi. Hosted by Yen Ooi and Mia Chen Ma


[panel] Storytelling through repetition with Robert S Malan, Tiffani Angus, E.M Faulds, Juliet McKenna. EasterCon ‘ConFusion’

[roundtable] Limits of Imagining Equitable Futures with Ibtisam Ahmed and Cristina Diamant. SFRA ‘The Future of/as Inequality’

[paper] Welcome to the Future: Inclusion, Immersion and Belonging in Video Game Worlds and Futures. SFRA. ‘The Future of/as Inequality’

[podcast] Episode 11: Decolonisation in Anthropology. Shuddhashar.
Available to listen to here

[workshop] Architectures of Science Fiction Reading Group. STORE After School Club

[organiser] Queerness + SF. London Science Fiction Research Community full-day event

[moderator] Pride in Pixels: Queer SF Video Games with Mia Violet, Jesse Xander, Florence Smith Nicholls and Olivia Vespara. London Science Fiction Research Community ‘Queerness + SF’ event

[organiser] SF + Activism. London Science Fiction Research Conference 2.5 day conference

[moderator] Creators roundtable with Neon Yang, Rivers Solomon and Jeannette Ng. London Science Fiction Research ‘SF + Activism’ conference


[event] Decolonising Anthropology & Decentering Expertise with Dr Gabriel Dattatreyan. Goldsmiths Strike

[panel] Worlds That Breathe: Interactive Worldbuilding in Games with Elsa Sjunneson, Helen Gould, Tanya DePass, and Noria Reads (M). WorldCon ‘ConZealand Fringe’
Available to watch here

[roundtable] Methodologies On and Offline: Doing Ethnography Ethically in the Digital Age. European Association for Social Anthropology ‘New Horizons in and Beyond Europe’

[organiser] Anthropology and Double-Consciousness: Moving Between Worlds. Goldsmiths University ‘Department of Anthropology seminar series’

[talk] – Empowering Today’s Anthropology Students with Lisette van den Berg. Goldsmiths University ‘Department of Anthropology seminar series’

[organiser] Beyond Borders: Empires, Bodies, Science Fictions. London Science Fiction Research Community 2.5 day conference


[panel] The Popularity of Livestreaming Games with Tanya DePass, Ell Schulman and Ciaran Roberts (M). WorldCon Dublin 2019

[moderator] Introduction to Own Voices with Jacq Applebee, Corinne Duyvis, Likhain and Rivers Solomon. WorldCon Dublin 2019

[panel] In the Background: Class in YA Fiction with Caroline Hooton, Victoria Lee and Marieke Nijkamp (M)

[paper] “How Far Will You Go For Love”: Gendered Android Labour in Detroit: Become Human. London Science Fiction Research Community ‘Productive Futures: The Political Economy of Science Fiction’ conference

[paper] “Is What You’re Doing Really Anthropology?” Anthropological Research in an Increasingly Digital World. Anthropology in London Day ‘Turbulence’ conference


[panel] Sexuality in Bioware with Emily R Marlow. Nine Worlds convention

[panel] Representation in Dating Sims with Angie Thomas and Emily R Marlow. Nine Worlds convention

[moderator] Let the Past Die: Sacrificing Sacred Cows in The Last Jedi. Nine Worlds convention

[moderator] Women in Star Wars. Nine Worlds convention


[paper] Queer Coding in Disney. Nine Worlds convention

[paper] Cons-ROAR-vation: Animal Rights and Conservation in the Jurassic Park Franchise. Nine Worlds convention

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