‘Queer and Trans Theories’. In The New Routledge Companion to Science Fiction, ed. by Mark Bould, Andrew M. Butler, Adam Roberts, and Sherryl Vint.


Beyond Gender (2022)
‘Drowning in the Cloud: Water, the Digital and the Queer Potential of Feminist Science Fiction’. In ​Technologies of Feminist Speculative Fiction​, ed. by Sherryl Vint and Sümeyra Buran

“Dead Plants Cove” (2021)
Queer indie platformer game made for Gamerella game jam. Inspired by the work of Legacy Russell, alternate between night and day cycles – regenerating  in your room at night with queer plant cyberspace and code-switching to survive and resist heteropatriarchal capitalism

A. Delany (2021)
Moments: Diversity Work, Exhaustion, and the Remaking of Anthropology
Teaching Anthropology Journal

A.Delany (2021)
‘Reclaiming the Body, Making Home in the Skin: Healing from Trauma through Tattoos’. Shuddhashar: Special Issue (24) Body Politics
Available online here

A. Delany (2018)
‘The Highs and Woes of Transmasculine Characters in Video Games’
POMEgranate Magazine
Available online here

A. Delany (2018)
Revisiting the Conversations of Emily is Away
Available online here

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