Academic Publications


Moments: Diversity Work, Exhaustion and the Remaking of Anthropology (forthcoming article in the Teaching Anthropology Special Issue – Reimagining Diversity: Towards an Anthropology for Disruption in UK Higher Education)

Drowning in the Cloud: Water, the Digital and the Queer Potential of Feminist Science Fiction (forthcoming book chapter co-written with the Beyond Gender collective in Technologies of Feminist Speculative Fiction edited by Sherryl Vint and Sümeyra Buran)

Queer and Trans Theories (forthcoming book chapter co-written with the Beyond Gender collective in The New Routledge Companion to Science Fiction edited by Mark Bould, Andrew M. Butler, Adam Roberts, and Sherryl Vint)

Live, Work, Pose: The Dynamic Queer Archive of Pose (forthcoming book chapter co-written with Ibtisam Ahmed)

Between + Beyond Gaming: Ethical and Methodological Reflections on Researching “Across Worlds” (forthcoming article in the Suomen Anthropologi Special Issue – Digital lives, ethnographic methods and ethical challenges


Reclaiming the Body, Making Home in the Skin: Healing from Trauma through Tattoos in a special issue of Shuddhashar on Body Politics

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